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Your Foundation Engineers

serving Raleigh & Durham, North Carolina  

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We are an engineering firm that offers inspections and design solutions for residential and commercial projects. We currently service North Carolina. Our team is dedicated to listening to our customers needs and providing practical engineering solutions. 


Please feel free to reach out to us via email or phone so we can learn more about your situation and set up an appointment.


From residential to commercial inspections, our engineers will analyze and evaluate your house or building for structural safety. If foundation damage is evident within, beneath or outside of your structure, your engineer will review the findings with you, as well as provide a recommendation for the next steps. A design of repair will be drafted to stabilize your foundation problem. During the installation and testing phase, your engineer will be on-site to monitor the project from start to finish. When appropriate, an engineered stamped drawing and letter of approval will be provided. A final letter concludes the work showing proof of project completion and that engineer specifications have been met.

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Every job starts with a thorough inspection by experienced engineers. If you see signs of foundation failure––such as cracks in brick, stucco or drywall; gaps around windows or doors; or sloping floors or sinking concrete––your house or building could be at risk of foundation damage. Learn more about our services & designs below, and schedule an on-site inspection now!

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