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Leaning Chimneys

Residential & Commercial Leaning Chimney Repair Services in Raleigh & Durham, NC
A leaning chimney is most often due to a structural issue or foundation problem.  Chimneys fail due to insufficient footings, poor water management systems, and other soil insufficiencies. One method to fix a leaning chimney is to install helical piles to prevent further movement and potential collapse.
If you see the following problems and signs in and around your home, business or structure, call us today about our leaning chimney repair solutions.
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Leaning Chimney  Problems & Signs

If you notice your chimney leaning or separating from your house or structure, call 984-439-2067 to schedule an inspection. 
While the cause may vary, a leaning chimney usually signifies settlement issues.
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Leaning Chimney   Solutions

Helical piles can be used to prevent further movement or potential collapse of your chimney.
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