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Concrete Slab


Residential & Commercial Interior Concrete Slab Repair  in Raleigh & Durham, NC
Concrete slabs rest on constantly changing soils that shrink and expand which may eventually cause the slab to crack or fail.  Concrete slab repairs can range anywhere from concrete on grade foundation slabs to concrete driveways. Sinking, sloping and cracking in slabs can lead to foundation failure.
If you notice cracking in your concrete slab, call us today about our concrete slab repair solutions & request an professional evaluation.
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Concrete Slab   Problems & Signs

The following are signs of concrete slab damage in, around or surrounding your house or structure:

  • Uneven or sinking sidewalks, walkways & driveways

  • Sinking concrete pool surround

  • Cracks in your house or buildings foundation slab

  • Washout under slabs or walkways

  • Sinking & sloping concrete

Concrete Slab Repair   Solutions

Repairing damaged concrete or settlement can consist of many different methods.
In some situations, a void may have developed beneath the concrete slabs, leading to sagging or cracking. Polyurethane foam or resin injection are both solutions recommended for concrete lifting and stabilization. 
Other methods for repairing concrete slabs including helical pile installation due to higher load capacities that may be needed.
Learn more about our concrete slab repair solutions. Get started with an on-site evaluation by filling out the form below.
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