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Basement Wall Repair

Residential & Commercial Basement Wall Repair Services in Raleigh & Durham, NC
Basement walls fail when hydrostatic pressure and soil pressure exceed the lateral pressure of the basement wall.  One way to fix hydrostatic pressure would be to ensure proper drainage.  Methods to fix basement wall failure due to soil pressure is to install carbon fiber strips, soldier beams, or helical tie-back piles. 
If you see the following problems and signs in your basement, call us today about our basement wall repair solutions.
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Basement Wall   Problems & Signs

Your home or building's basement could be displaying signs of major structural problems. If you see any of these signs of foundation damage in your basement, it's important to get a professional evaluation. Schedule yours today!

​Signs includes:

  • Bowing Basement Walls

  • Cracks in Basement Walls

  • Leaking Basement Walls

Basement Wall    Solutions

Bowing, cracked and leaking basement walls can be repaired by installing carbon fiber strips, soldier beams, or helical tie-back piles.
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