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Helical Piles

Residential & Commercial Helical Pile Solutions in Raleigh & Durham, NC
Helical piles can provide foundation support for various types of structures including both residential and commercial––suffering from foundation damage or foundation failure––as well as for new construction.
Helical piles are typically 2-7/8” diameter and 1/4” thick (but can vary) steel pipes with a support bracket and typically a 10” rotary disc (but can vary) that allows it to penetrate the ground when torque pressure is added to the driving head to accomplish various depths and acquire the load capacity needed for the application. 
Helical piles may be used in new construction or when an existing foundation is in distress and needs stabilization and/or lifting.  Typical support requires 15 to 20 kips (but can vary) depending on the application.
If you see the following signs of foundation damage in and around your home, business or structure, call us today for a professional evaluation by experienced foundation engineers.
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Foundation   Problems & Signs

Foundation damage can appear in, under and around the interior and exterior of your house or structure. Signs that your building is settling may include one or more of the following: cracks in brick, stucco or drywall; gaps around windows or doors; sloping or cracking in floors; and pulling away or leaning chimneys. 
If you see these signs, request your engineer evaluation now!

Helical Pile   Solutions

Featuring a steel shaft with round helix plates, helical piles are driven into the ground around your structure to help correct foundation settlement. The driven piles are then attached to a bracket that connecting your building's foundation wall and the pile. 
Helical piles can be used in a variety of commercial and residential applications including: 
  • houses, porches, mezzanines, boardwalks, and more

  • new construction residential and commercial foundations

  • basement wall, retaining wall, and shore tie backs

Benefits of Helical Piles:
  • Fast installation, sometimes in just one visit

  • Versatile applications for both lightweight & heavy structures including around the perimeter of your home, as well as underneath the house

  • Ideal for tight spaces

  • Green installation

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