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Guidance for

House Lifting

Residential & Commercial Guidance for House Lifting Services in Raleigh & Durham, NC
House lifting is becoming more common these days especially for homes on the coast and flood zones.  GFE can advise and guide you through the house lifting process.   Our engineers will make sure every aspect is considered and discussed with your house lifting contractor.  We will provide a specific plan for your contractor that helps protect you and your home during this process. 
If you see the following problems and signs in and around your home, business or structure, call us today about our guidance for house lifting solutions.
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  Problems & Signs

When water collects or pools around your house or structure, foundation damage can occur.

​Signs includes:

  • Standing water around your home or structure

  • Water damage surrounding the bottom of your structure

  • Significant erosion appearing around your structure

Guidance for House Lifting  Solutions

Raising your house or building can protect the structure effectively against erosion and foundation damage caused by water.
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